Time of Spring, is the season for outdoor activities! Have you ever thing of camping + barbecue + water activities all in one?
Now all you just only need to need to buy our safari tent barbecue package, then it can satisfy the three wishes!!! We now newly add pool table facilities at our service center, you can show off you snooker skills with your friends. In addition, our camping area also have slides and trampoline, also you can do watersport activities (ie. Skimboard, kayak, bodyboard…etc). After the activities you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and BBQ dinner at night, don’t hesitate to contact us to make a reservation! All this is just only $432/up

Our BBQ menu (subject to seasonal availabilities):
Appetizers: France bread and Caesar salad
Meat items: Meat items: steak, chicken wings, pork ribs, red sausages and giant sausages
Seafood items: capelin, fish-ball and squid
Vegetable items: enoki, vegetables, corns and eggplants
One canned soft drink is included
Charcoal, Disposable plates and cutleries included