LongCoast COVID-19 Policy 2022-2023

As the community continues to adapt to COVID-19, lifting all epidemic measures, such as the ‘Gathering Policy’, ‘Vaccine pass’, ‘LeaveHomeSafe’, etc. Our center has decided to follow suit.  Our activities will now resume back to normal operations:
*All watersport rental (unlimited number of people)
*Party Service ‘BBQ and Play’
*All lessons and group activities

COVID-19 Policy (2022-2023):
Due to the global spread of COVID-19, Long Coast Seasports reserves the right to not entertain if the following situations occur. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • Confirmed patients and those who have symptoms.
  • If the service of the center is suspended or not open due to COVID-19.
  • The level of COVID-19 in the community is severe, and the number of severe infection cases has increased significantly.
  • Any new restrictions are released from the government ex. ‘Gathering policy’ that directly affect the booking.
  • Transportation or undesirable traffic conditions affected by COVID-19.
  • For all processing, Long Coast Seasports reserves the right of final decision.

For reservation customers, please note that since the new crown pneumonia is an unavoidable normal, there will only be a cancellation policy in the new crown pneumonia terms, and all new orders will not be rescheduled. The following are the updated terms and conditions of our center

Regarding COVID-19 cancellations:

  • If the booking is canceled due to COVID-19, a 20% administrative fee will be charged. The customer must notify (and present relevant documents) 7 days before the check in date, otherwise it will be regarded as a waiver.
  • Those who would like to cancel the booking, must notify in writing by email 7 days before, and the calculation date will be based on the working day during the office hours when we receive the notification.
  •  Those who are diagnosed positive less than 7 days before check in may transfer their booking to other friends or family members, kindly provide the name by email.

Published on: 2022-12-31  -  Filed under: News