LCS Pui O is located at Pui O Beach in the south of Lantau Island. It is our branch in Pui O Ham Tin. Our mission is surprisingly simple – to provide our guests with an exotic holiday experience on one of the most beautiful and spacious beachfront settings usually only available overseas, and to offer a wide range of seasport activities to satisfy all adventure sport enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Whether you are relaxing on the beach under an umbrella, enjoying a cool drink on our sundeck, visiting an island on our kayak tour, riding the waves on a bodyboard or doing a bit of star-gazing at night, our focus remains the same: to provide a total leisure experience to our guests through an unique combination of excitement and relaxation. After all, we are adventure sport enthusiasts and nature lovers ourselves

Our Activities

We offer a broad spectrum of water sports and outdoor activity-related services and facilities for a diverse range of guests – individuals, families, groups, organizations, and visitors from overseas. Rental services include sea-kayaking, stand-up paddle board, surfing, skimboard, body-boarding, lockers, showers, etc.

After 4hrs
1 seater Kayak$70$210$50/小時
2 seater Kayak$120$360$80/小時
Soft Surfboard$80$240$60/小時

  • Deposit HK$300 shall be required for renting equipment
  • Rental available time: 10:00am – sunset
  • Please read through LCS disclaimer before use/ rent any LCS watersports gears, equipment and facilities 

Address: 39 Ham Tin Kau Tsuen, Pui O, Lantau

LCS (Pui O)

For a party of your dream, look no further than Long Coast Seasports (Pui O), where the spacious beachfront setting offers the perfect venue for comfortable private gatherings. The lure of an outdoor party at LCS is hard to resist. Let your imagination take flight. Come and experience the thrill and fun, explore the endless possibilities for adults and kids: have birthday, company function, anniversary, or even surprise parties with various cool ideas here. Beachfront BBQ can be arranged to suit your every needs.

Bring Own Food package Pricing:

PLAY N BBQ NO WatersportsWith Watersports Gear(s)Details
4ppl PACKAGEHK$570HK$750 (*2 gear)1 BBQ grill + seating area + shower (4hrs)
8ppl PACKAGEHK$810HK$1150 (*3 gears)1 BBQ grill + seating area + shower (4hrs)
10ppl PACKAGEHK$990HK$1380 (*4 gears)2 BBQ grill + seating area + shower (4hrs)
20ppl PACKAGEHK$1860HK$2460 (*5 gears)3 BBQ grill + seating area + shower (4hrs)
Extra people (per person)HK$60HK$100(Extra people/pp)

(Group party)NO WatersportsWith Watersports Gear(s)Details
30ppl PACKAGEHK$2790HK$3380 (*6 gears)4 BBQ grill + seating area + shower (4hrs)
Extra people (more 30ppl)HK$50HK$80(Extra people/pp)

Bring-Your-Own-Food BBQ

  • Minimum HK$750 pre one session for 4 people (Each session 4 hours, extent time will charge HK$150 per hour)
  • More than 4 people, extra people will charge HK$100 per person, each package maximum to 7 people
  • Use of charcoal BBQ facility, included 1 BBQ grill with charcoal, BBQ tongs, as well as a tray
  • Table and chair will setup during the party 
  • Shower, water hose, toilet can use at our center
  • Fridge can provide to keep your food
  • Guests need to bring your own food, plates, cutleries and seasonings
  • If book watersports package can use specify watersports gear(s) during booked session (can choose: Kayak, SUP, softboard, bodyboard)
  • Evening surcharge at HK$50* per person will apply for BBQs to be finished after 7:00 pm (latest finished until 9:00pm)
  • AII members, customers, and their accompanying guests (herein referred as “Users") of Long Coast Seasports Limited (herein referred as “LCS") who utilize or access any LCS facilities, properties, sports, equipment’s, tools or services are kindly reminded to read through and agree on all party terms & conditions 
  • Once the package is purchased, administrative charge will apply for change of dates of use. (please refer to change date and cancellation policy )
  • Please read through LCS disclaimer before use/ rent any LCS watersports gears, equipment and facilities.
  • The package already includes the venue & the limited watersports gears
  • Guest can arrive 15 minutes prior the booking period, the start time base on the booked session, not arrival time.
  • Our Centre has a variety of beverages sold, if guests bring/order drinks to here, LCS will not provide any fridge service. 
  • During peak seasons, kind of equipment’s rental may need to wait, subject to availability
  • Use of the watersports gears is not include instructor's, and under safety reason gears provide may subject to weather conditions.
  • Full prepayment shall be requested in order to confirm your booking
  • The Centre reserves the absolute discretion to amend and supplement the above rules at any time without notice.
  • The Centre reserves the right to terminate services without reason.
  • In case of dispute, Long Coast Seasports (LCS) reserves the rights for its final decision.

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