Kitesurfing Training

LCS is the ONLY international IKO center in Hong Kong, we are located at the south coast of Lantau Island, and this has a number of shallow coastal onshore wind beach, providing an excellent geographic condition for beginners and advanced kitesurfers. We do provide all kinds lesson to cater different necessary, come and experience the thrill of it floating on the water!


Windsurfing Training

Do you want to learn windsurfing?
In fact it is not that difficult if you have a good training…
We do provide private windsurf courses (2.5 or 2 hours per day) and windsurf exploration (1.5 or 1 hours). Interested parties please call us for details.


Surfing Training

RIDE THE WAVES?Surfing is fun, and it’s addictive too!!!
During summer time, we will provide private surf program (1 or 2 hours each session). Learn to surf and be part of the ocean – it will be an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!
Hope to see you in the water soon!


Skimboard Training

At our long coastine line, you can easily find a perfect spot for flat skimboarding, or show off your new tricks on a wavy condition. We also have a world-class coach skimboard improved technology for you, do not hesitate, come and learn / improve your skills now!



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