Surfing Lesson


Surfing Training

During summer time, we will provide private surf program (1 or 2 hours each session). Learn to surf and be part of the ocean – it will be an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!
Hope to see you in the water soon!

Lesson Pricing:

Explorer CoursePrice (per person)
1-on-1 (1hr)$650 pp
1-on-2 (1hr)$600 pp
1-on-3 (1hr)$450 pp

Beginner LessonPrice (per person)
1-on-1 (2hr)$1200 pp
1-on-2 (2hr)$1100 pp
1-on-3 (2hr)$800 pp

  • Requirement: can swim 50m(adult)/ 20m(kid) without swimming aid
  • The fee already includes the instruction & the gear
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior the activity, the start time may change subject to weather conditions.
  • Prepayment shall be requested in order to confirm the lesson/ tour/ activity
  • For more details, please read through Training Terms and Conditions


How to reach LCS?
You can reach LCS via Tung Chung or Mui Wo, Lantau, for detail please check our "Transportation"

Can I learn to surf without good swimming experience?
Yes. Beginner surfing lessons will be held in shallow water with a depth of about chest/waist, it will not be deeper than students height. In addition, the surfboard can be used as a floatation device, and the coach will ensure that the class is carried out safely. It is recommended that students explain their swimming ability to the coach before class.

Can I learn if I have no surfing experience at all?
Yes. The coach will teach from the basics.

How long of each class?
1 or 2 hours(s) class can choose

 Is it recommended to attend 2 classes a day?
If you can handle it physically, there is no problem.

How many classes do you need to learn before you can surf on the board?
Most of the students can get on board surfing in the first class. The coach will adjust the content of the class according to the ability of the students. Students who are progressing fast, we will teach a little more. For slower students, we adjust the pace. Go to class with ease and without stress.

Are there any special physical needs?
Answer: There are no special physical requirements. Participants are required to be in good health. Participants who have undergone surgery / have just recovered can make a note to the coach before class. Students may take a break during class if they'd like.

Question: What should I need to bring for lesson (May-October)?
swimsuit/swimming trunks, sunscreen lotion, towel, water, Rashgaurd/ T-shirt, slippers, change of clothes, plastic bag/waterproof bag (for wet clothes)

Question: Can I wear contact lenses in class?

Question: Can girls go to court during menstruation?
No problem, you can use tampons

Question: What is the minimum age to learn?
 It is recommended that the 5-year-old can learn independently from the coach. -4 years old, if children are not afraid of sea water, they can experience surfing with their parents, and the coach will push the board.

Can I learn to surf in the rain?
Yes. We're already in the water, so there's no effect. If red rain and black rain, please see the bad weather arrangements.

 Can adults and children learn together?
Yes. Please remark that it is a parent-child private class when making an appointment.

What is the best time of day to surf?
Every day is different. It depends on the current wave conditions and tides. There are wave reports and tides from Windguru/ Magic seaweed/ windytv/HKO.

Which place is suitable for beginners to learn surfing?
Lower Cheung Sha beach, Lantau Island is more suitable for beginners to learn. Sandy beach (No corals/barnacles), no sharp object. The beach of Cheung sha is very long and large, and there are different areas for surfers with different abilities. As the beach is large, it wont be as cramped as other locations in HK. The waves are slow and gentle.
Are there any showers/lockers?
Yes, included
Are there safety guidelines for all outdoor and water activities?
Users have been aware of all the water and outdoor activities are certain potential risks, and agree to be responsible for their own safety.