LCS Room Activity/ Deluxe Camp voucher

– The full value of the voucher can be consumed on all rentals of kayaks, bodyboards & skimboard
– Discount off rental of other non-motorized seasports equipment (ie. windsurfer, SUP and surfboard)
– 1 night accommodation at LCS for FREE

Room Activity Voucher (For 2 persons)

(Fri-Sat & PH eves)
Semi - PeakMar - May, Sep - OctSpring / Autumn590790
PeakJun - AugSummer650830

Deluxe Small size Safari Tent Camp Voucher (For 4 persons)

(Fri-Sat & PH eves)
ValueNov-Mar Winter9801493
Semi - PeakMar - Apr,
Sep - Oct
Spring / Autumn12801699
PeakJun-AugSummer 13801899

Deluxe Medium size Safari Tent Camp Voucher (For 6 persons)

(Fri-Sat & PH eves)
ValueNov-Feb Winter12142019
Semi-PeakMar-May, Sep-OctSpring / Autumn 19002542
PeakJun - AugSummer20002730

Deluxe Large size Safari Tent Camp Voucher (For 8 persons)

(Fri-Sat & PH eves)
ValueNov-Feb Winter14492349
Semi-PeakMar-May, Sep-OctSpring / Autumn 21502873
PeakJun - AugSummer23503063

Supplementary Voucher (Per persons – Extra person stay-in room/tent)

(Fri-Sat & PH eves)
ValueNov-Feb Winter200250
PeakMar - OctSpring/Summer/Autumn

Terms and Conditions:

For our Booking Policy, Camping Rule, Rental Rate and Map, please click here:
LCS Booking Procedures and Important Notes
LCS Camping Rule

  1. The voucher is non-refundable.
  2. The dates of use have to be specified upon purchase.
  3. Guests have to initiate the voucher upon checking in at LCS’ reception counter, otherwise normal rates will apply for all seasports activities.
  4. The voucher is valid for the date specified and the following day.
  5. Once the voucher is purchased, administrative charge will apply for change of dates of use.
  6. Once the voucher is initiated, it cannot be transferred, deferred, refunded and/or sold to other persons under any circumstances.
  7. Prior reservations for certain seasports activities during peak seasons may require and is subject to availability.
  8. The weekday rates apply from Monday to Thursday; while the weekend rates apply on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, public holiday eves and Chinese New Year.
  9. All extra amount consumed should be settled by cash.
  10. In case of dispute, Long Coast Seasports (LCS) reserves the rights for its final decision.
  11. The use of the open space and the deck area at the campground/min building is on a share use basis, and please note that we may have other campers or BBQ users during the same period. Quiet time starts at 10:00 pm.



  1. Each activity voucher is eligible for 2 people.
  2. Free use of guest rooms is subject to availability.
  3. The 1-night free accommodation is based on double occupancy, extra person staying in-room needs to purchase our supplementary voucher to enjoy the same benefit.
  4. Free use of guest room from 5:00 pm in the evening until 12:00 nn the next day.



  1. Each Safari tent camp voucher is eligible for specific camp voucher holder.
  2. The 1-night free accommodation is based on occupancy (Small size 4 persons, Medium size 6 persons and large size 8 persons), extra person staying in-tent needs to purchase our supplementary voucher to enjoy the same benefit
  3. Free use of tent from 5:00 pm in the evening until 12:00 nn the next day