At our long coastine line, you can easily find a perfect spot for flat skimboarding, or show off your new tricks on a wavy condition. We also have a world-class coach skimboard improved technology for you, do not hesitate, come and learn / improve your skills now!

Rental Pricing:

HourlyHalf-day(4hrs)After 4hrs

  • Deposit HK$300-500 shall be required for renting equipment
  • Rental available time: 10:00am – sunset
  • Please read through LCS disclaimer before use/ rent any LCS watersports gears, equipment and facilities 

Lesson Pricing:

Explorer CoursePrice (per person)Details
1-on-1 (1hr)$500 ppHere
1-on-2 (1hr)$450 ppHere
3 pax or up (1hr)$400 ppHere

Beginner LessonPrice (per person)Details
1-on-1 (2hr)$900 ppHere
2 pax or up (2hr)$800 ppHere

  • Requirement: can swim without swimming aid
  • The fee already includes the instruction & the gear
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior the activity, the start time may change subject to weather conditions.
  • Prepayment shall be requested in order to confirm the lesson/ tour/ activity
  • For more details, please read through Training Terms and Conditions