Surfing Lesson


Surfing Training

During summer time, we will provide private surf program (1 or 2 hours each session). Learn to surf and be part of the ocean – it will be an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!
Hope to see you in the water soon!

Lesson Pricing:

Explorer CoursePrice (per person)
1-on-1 (1hr)$650 pp
1-on-2 (1hr)$600 pp
3 pax or up (1hr)$450 pp

Beginner LessonPrice (per person)
1-on-1 (2hr)$1200 pp
1-on-2 (2hr)$1100 pp
3 pax or up (2hr)$800 pp

  • Requirement: can swim 50m(adult)/ 20m(kid) without swimming aid
  • The fee already includes the instruction & the gear
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior the activity, the start time may change subject to weather conditions.
  • Prepayment shall be requested in order to confirm the lesson/ tour/ activity
  • For more details, please read through Training Terms and Conditions