Stand-up Paddling

Stand-up Paddling

Stand up paddling, exploded onto the water sports scene just a few years ago. Invented by surf photographers in Hawaii, who wanted to capture shots closer to the waves, its sudden popularity amongst the masses, young and old, has made it a sport in its own right. Now, people paddle anywhere there is water, from calm to vicious rapids. SUP is as gentle or as extreme as you make it, but everyone starts the same way – and that’s how to balance on that board!

Rental Pricing:


  • Deposit HK$300-500 shall be required for renting equipment
  • Rental available time: 10:00am – sunset
  • Please read through LCS disclaimer before use/ rent any LCS watersports gears, equipment and facilities 

Lesson Pricing:

Explorer CoursePrice (per person)
1-on-1 (1hr)$650 pp
1-on-2 (1hr)$600 pp
1-on-3 (1hr)$450 pp

Beginner LessonPrice (per person)
1-on-1 (2hr)$1200 pp
1-on-2 (2hr)$1100 pp
1-on-3 (2hr)$800 pp

  • Requirement: can swim 50m(adult)/ 20m(kid) without swimming aid
  • The fee already includes the instruction & the gear
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior the activity, the start time may change subject to weather conditions.
  • Prepayment shall be requested in order to confirm the lesson/ tour/ activity
  • For more details, please read through Training Terms and Conditions