Project Description

For a party of your dream, look no further than Long Coast Seasports, where the spacious beachfront setting offers the perfect venue
for comfortable private gatherings. The lure of an outdoor party at LCS is hard to resist. Let your imagination take flight. Come and experience the thrill and fun, explore the endless possibilities for adults and kids: have birthday, company function, anniversary, or even surprise parties with various cool ideas here. Beachfront BBQ or outside food catering service can be arranged to suit your every needs.
Chitchat and enjoy a drink while the kids play around under the sun or on a starry night. You might well entertain your friends and families by staging your own band shows. Come along with your beloved ones, family, friends and colleagues to capture your every special moment. Relax, we will take care of the details and make sure that it becomes your best partying experience ever!