Capacity 4 guests

Deluxe Caravan

Deluxe Caravan Voucher (min 4ppl)

  • Normal package: Breakfast + bedding + Watersports and Facilities + Free use Caravan
  • Deluxe Caravan for 4 persons (max. 5), extra person staying in Caravan needs to purchase our supplementary voucher to enjoy the same benefit.
  • In our center, there are 4 Deluxe Caravans (DC 1, DC 2, DC 3, DC 4 - Zone C)

**All reservations are automatically reserved by the system, and a specific barracks/camp area cannot be requested when booking, unless it is the entire ZONE reservation (all booking are depends on the reservation situation)


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Please double check your reservation details before clicking on "Book now".


Breakfast included :

  • Available at 9:30am to 11:00am, after 11:00am no reserved/ refund
  • Breakfast: Ham and egg sandwich, coffee or tea
  • Beverage change cold drink +$5 

Seasports Equipment’s and Facilities can use of the voucher:

  • Full amount can be consumed seasports equipment: Kayaks, Bodyboards, SUP, Beginner Surfboard (Free use, but *not included instructor’s and lesson)
  • Other Facilities: locker & shower, life-jackets, volleyball, snooker table and Children's slides (camp-site)
  • II. Discount seasports equipment and facilities: Skimboard, Surfboard, windsurf rental 20% of the rental can be deducted from the voucher; umbrella, beach chair, floating matt rental 50% of the rental can be deducted from the voucher, details please click "Seasports Equipment’s and Facilities"
  • All watersport and facilities rental will start at 10:00am - 6:00pm. During peak seasons, due to popularity, equipment rental may not always be available. Equipment rental is subject to availability and rented on a first come first serve basis. Cannot pre-book nor reserve.
  • For safety reasons, LCS staff reserves the right to question voucher users and assess whether they can use the equipment safely and appropriately. If the staff deems the user's skills unsatisfactory, the centre has the right to prohibit users from using the equipment

Pay $ 250 extra to enjoy our upgrade package


*minimum order per Caravan (ie. 4)
*BBQ menu subject to seasonal availabilities
*Appetizers: Bread and Caesar salad
*Meat items: steak, chicken wings, pork chop, red sausages and giant sausages
*Seafood items: capelin, fish-ball and mussels
*Vegetable items: enoki, vegetables, corns and eggplants
*1 canned drink, cooking stove, plates and cutleries included

Check-in/ Check-out time & Deposit:

DepositCheck‐in Check-out
HK$500 (Each)5:00 pm12:00 nn

  • Guests are required to pay a deposit of $500 upon registration. The deposit will be refunded after deducting all additional purchase or penalty. 
  • Our booking services is from 10am- 6pm
  • Our reception counter closes at 7:00 pm. Please make prior arrangements for late arrival
  • Check‐out before 10am has to be confirmed in advance.
  • All watersport rental will start at 10:00am until sunset. You are welcome guest(s) to come earlier to enjoy the watersports.


How to reach LCS?
You can reach LCS via Tung Chung or Mui Wo, Lantau, for detail please check our "Transportation"

Use of Seasports Equipment’s and Facilities need to book in advance?
No, just ask for our reception counter to arrange after registration your booking, and during peak seasons, kind of equipment’s rental may need to wait, subject to availability.

Toddler(s) need to pay for the voucher(s)?
Toddler(s) under 3 no charge. Kid(s) & adult(s) same price.

Can I  bring own food for BBQ?
Yes, you can rental BBQ facility, it will cost HK$250 per grill, and it will be included 2 pack charcoal, BBQ tongs, as well as a tray. *Only grill(s) rental, no need book in advance, just request when check-in and pay cash on site.

Can I  add BBQ dinner? How to buy?
Camping vouchers holder can enjoy a discounted price of HK$250 per person to upgrade to BBQ dinner package (original price HK$380/person)
  1. Select the ‘Upgrade BBQ Dinner’ option when booking the camping vouchers, which will include the BBQ dinner.
  2. The minimum order is different for each package:
    • *Regular Caravan, Deluxe Caravan and Teepee (minimum 3 people), booking the BBQ package, a Charcoal grill will be provided
    • *Small Caravan (minimum 2 people) booking the BBQ package, a gas stove will be provided
  3. The BBQ dinner package must be booked and confirmed 3 days prior to your check-in date. No on site booking will be entertained.
  4. If you have already made a booking, you can email us to add the BBQ dinner package.
    • *Add BBQ dinner please kindly provide your (1) LCS Booking ID and (2) How many portions of the BBQ dinner package you’d like to add.

Can I bring my own food to cook here?
Yes, we provide free COOK-SET for camp voucher holders. It includes one GAS stove (with 2 pieces of GAS), cooking utensils and tableware (knives, forks and plates). And guest(s) need to clean and return after use.

If I bring own food will provide fridge service?
You can rental ice box at HK$50 (with 2 ice packs), or guests can buy ice particles at LCS

Do you provide drinking water?
No, you can buy bottle water or rental kettle here, kettle rental HK$30/each.

Can I bring beverages and snacks by myself?
Yes, but our Centre has a variety of beverages and snacks sold, if guests bring/order drinks to here, LCS will not provide any fridge/ hot service.

Is there a restaurant nearby?
Yes, there are store at LCS for food and snacks, open 9:30 am to 7:00pm. And had few restaurants nearby

Can I bring my own cook set/ BBQ grill cooking here? Can candles/ fireworks/ bonfire is allowed?
No, all it's NOT allowed. Guest(s) only can use LCS provide cooking/BBQ facility cooking at our arrange area. Unauthorized user(s), we will charge HK$500. Beside LCS provided, all flame items are not permitted in the Centre, if burn any facilities, guest(s) need to compensation at the price.

Can I charge my phone? or use any other electrical appliances?
Yes, guests can bring your own charger to charge your phone. However, high-wattage electrical appliances (such as Hair dry, kettle, heater etc.) are not allowed. If such electrical appliances are used in the camp area, it may cause short-circuit problems or affect the power trip in the camp area. Therefore, guests can only use the facilities provided by the center.

If I have friend(s) not use watersports and stay overnight, only join the BBQ, will there be an extra charge?
Yes, If  "bring own food BBQ" will charge HK$60 per person; LCS provide food BBQ "upgrade package" will charge HK$380 per person.

Why check-in time is 5:00pm, can I early check-in? If not, will have any place to keep my luggage's
Day time which for cleaning. Since the cleaning situation of the camp area varies every day, we cannot do early check-in request. Guest(s) can ask our reception about the early check-in on the day if arrive early, we have storage area and locker for storage your luggage's, and we are welcome guest(s) to come earlier to enjoy the watersports.

Can I use waterspotrs after my tent(s)/caravan(s) check out at next day 12:00nn?
Yes, we have storage area and locker for storage your luggage's, and we are welcome guest(s) stay to enjoy the watersports until 6:30pm.

Are there safety guidelines for all outdoor and water activities?
Users have been aware of all the water and outdoor activities are certain potential risks, and agree to be responsible for their own safety.

For our Camping Rule, Cancellation/ Bad Weather Policy and Teams N Conditions please click below:

Camping Rule Cancellation/ Bad Weather Policy Teams N Conditions

Thing to note before booking:

  • The price will fluctuate according to the number of occupants. Please make sure you entered the exact number upon reservation.
  • Each voucher is eligible for specific voucher holder. Free tent/ caravan use is subject to availability. All reservations are automatically reserved by the system, and a specific barracks/camp area cannot be requested when booking, unless it is the entire ZONE reservation (all booking are depends on the reservation situation).
  • Bedding (pillows and quilt) are included under Caravan package, extra(s) bedding can be pre‐ordered at HK$50 per set (onsite booking at HK$80 per set).
  • Beach towel, shampoo, shower gel and other bathroom amenities will not be provided.
  • Outdoor cooking stove, cups, pot, plates and cutleries are included under Caravan package, guests need to clean up all utensils after use.
  • Cooking is NOT allowed inside Caravan and LCS open space and deck area. 
  • Voucher holder(s) BBQ and cooking shall be in LCS arranged area, burning or make fire in our camp zone are not permitted.
  • During peak seasons, kind of equipment’s rental may need to wait, subject to availability, cannot pre-book or reserved
  • The voucher is non-refundable, the dates of use have to be specified upon purchase.
  • Once the voucher is purchased, administrative charge will apply for change of dates of use. (please refer to change date and cancellation policy)
  • 1 night FREE accommodation which is use for voucher(s) of Seasports equipment’s and facilities only, we don’t have room(s) or tent(s) rental. Extra person(s) can purchase our supplementary voucher(s) to enjoy the same benefit
  • If there are power / short circuit problems cause by weather, accidents or human factors at LCS center /camping area, no refund can be made.
  • Our campsite/main building is on a share use, and we may have other campers or BBQ users during the same period. Please self-discipline, our quiet time starts at 10:00 pm.
  • Our Centre has a variety of beverages sold, if guests bring/order drinks to here, LCS will not provide any fridge service.
  • The Centre reserves the absolute discretion to amend and supplement the above rules at any time without notice.
  •  The Centre reserves the right to terminate services without reason.
  •  In case of dispute, Long Coast Seasports (LCS) reserves the rights for its final decision.

Restricted Items :

  • The following items are not permitted in LCS : candles, incense, fireworks, bonfire, open flame, and weapons.
  • Hairdryers, Stoves or any heavy electrical appliances. If guests use these electrical appliances in the camp area, it will cause short-circuit problems, which may affect the camp area's electricity

**If there is a power/short circuit problem in the center/camp area due to weather, accident or human factors, it cannot be a reason for refund.

Pet Stay

We can flexible on the pet arrangements, as long as they are well‐behaved, quiet and can be properly leashed and muzzled at times, as we have to consider our other guests as well.

  • Pets can sleep on the floor of tents and caravans but not on beds. Owners must bring their own pet beds and cannot sleep on our guest blankets and pillows.
  • Pets must not be allowed to dirty the tents and caravans. Pets must excrete outside and the owner should clean them up.
  • Pets may be properly restrained and masked (if required) to avoid disturbing other guests
  • Owners must not allow dogs to excrete in our grasslands.
  • An additional for pet‐staying‐charge of HK$100 per dog per night will be required.

Cancellations/change date(s):

  • more than 45 days before check in date no charge
  • more than 30-44 days before check in date will be subject to a 10% admin fee;
  • more than 15-29 days before check in date will be subject to a 30% admin fee;
  • more than 5-14 days before check in date will be subject to a 50% admin fee;
  • less than 5 days before check in date: no refund

Cancellation/ Change date request must be notified by email. The calculation date will be based on our receive working day.

Bad Weather Policy Arrangement:

  • Typhoon Signals No. 1 or Yellow rainstorm warning, normal operation
  • Typhoon Signal No. 3 (or above) or Red/Black rainstorm warning
    1. Postponing the date for use of the vouchers can be made without additional charge OR;
    2. Alternatively if guests would like to cancel their bookings, 50% administration fee will be applied
  • All other situations are subject to the on‐day condition and LCS’ final decision.

Change date(s) arrangement noted:

  • Change date request must be notified by email/ WhatsApp on or before the check-in date, if not coming without notified, it will count by "No Show".
  • If guest to postpone the date(s) of use under reason, the revised date(s) should be made within 6 months from the original date, pre‐book shall be requested, overdue will be abandoned.
  • If the revised date(s) fall on a different price zone, i.e. peak season to value season, there will be no refund on the price difference.
  • If the revised date(s) from value season to peak season, the balance needs to be settled by guests.