Autumn and winter promotions … From now until February, purchase safari tent N barbecue packages, not only can free stay our luxury and comfortable safari tent, you can also enjoy deluxe BBQ dinner and free watersports. You don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of stuff. For sure it will be a most relaxing camping experience!

Autumn and winter promotions, $ 380- $ 624 per person, the price depending on dates and the tent size. Detailed prices are as follows, don’t hesitate to contact us to book !!!!

Our BBQ menu (subject to seasonal availabilities):

Appetizers: France bread and Caesar salad
Meat items: Meat items: steak, chicken wings, pork ribs, red sausages and giant sausages
Seafood items: capelin, fish-ball and squid
Vegetable items: enoki, vegetables, corns and eggplants
One canned soft drink is included
Charcoal, Disposable plates and cutleries included